Create Opportunities for Marginalized Producers Develop Transparent Relationships Build Capacity Promote Fair Trade Pay Promptly And Fairly Support Empowering Working Conditions Ensure Children's Rights Cultivate Environmental Stewardship Respect Cultural Identity

Pay Promptly and Fairly

Example: Just Coffee

Since opening in 2002, Just Coffee Coop, a worker-owned coffee roaster in Madison, WI, has used their enthusiasm to bring peaceful change to farmers’ lives.

With rates between $1.91 – 3.00 per pound, they pay nearly $0.70 more than the Fair Trade Certified minimum price and considerably above the (ever-changing) market price that conventional companies offer. In Wisconsin, they are also committed to paying their workers a living wage.

Just Coffee also offers advance payment to help small farmers address the costs of planting materials. These costs usually drive farmers to take out loans at high interest rates – loans they can almost never afford to repay. So, Just Coffee works with organizations such as SERRV, Rainbow Book CoOp, and Root Capital to offer loans worth up to 60% of the anticipated buying price, providing another financing option for farmers to avoid the poverty trap.

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