Create Opportunities for Marginalized Producers Develop Transparent Relationships Build Capacity Promote Fair Trade Pay Promptly And Fairly Support Empowering Working Conditions Ensure Children's Rights Cultivate Environmental Stewardship Respect Cultural Identity

Ensure Children’s Rights

Example: Good Paper / Cards from Africa

Based on the outskirts of Kigali, Rwanda, Good Paper / Cards from Africa seeks to break the cycle of poverty for orphaned young people by providing stable employment, fair wages, and job training – all with the goal of teaching them the skills to one day start their own business making high-quality, authentic handmade greeting cards.

The card-makers are all young people who lead their families, because they have lost their parents to the 1994 genocide, HIV/AIDS, or other illnesses. They were left to care for their siblings and young cousins while in need of a parent or guardian for themselves. Cards from Africa teaches them entrepreneurial, management and practical business skills. By unleashing creativity, teaching valuable skills, and fostering self-worth, CfA hopes to develop workers who will be able to access the international market themselves and contribute to a better quality of life for all Rwandans.

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