Create Opportunities for Marginalized Producers Develop Transparent Relationships Build Capacity Promote Fair Trade Pay Promptly And Fairly Support Empowering Working Conditions Ensure Children's Rights Cultivate Environmental Stewardship Respect Cultural Identity

Welcome to the Fair Trade Federation Gallery!

As the association for North American organizations who are fully committed to Fair Trade, the Federation seeks to explain the Fair Trade business model and to inspire others to adopt trading practices that distribute power, risks, and rewards more equitably.

Within our community, we know that we can learn a great deal from each other. This Gallery offers some of our members’ best practices under each of our nine Principles and within our Code of Practice.

We hope that it is a useful tool to help you deepen your understanding of many of the features which make the Fair Trade model distinctive. We want you to join us in this effort, so that the lives of all people and their communities improve.